Submitting Proposals

All faculty and senior lecturers who wish to compete for an ATI grant are required to submit their ATI proposal using the online system. Information that will be required for the online form includes:

  1. PI/Co-PI Information
  2. Proposal Abstract
  3. Budget information including matching funds (if available)
  4. A project summary/description of no more than five (5) pages in PDF for Microsoft Word format. Do not include a separate title page, but clearly label the summary with the title of the proposal and the PI(s) name(s). To best ensure that the proposal can be read by the reviewers, refrain from using a font size of less than 10 points and use common cross-platform typefaces such as Times, Times New Roman, Arial, and/or Helvetica. Project descriptions longer than five pages will not be considered and may be either discarded or truncated.
  5. Names of up to three persons who will be sending email letters of endorsement. The letters of endorsement are optional. If included, they should illustrate departmental and/or divisional commitment by appropriate individuals such as deans, department chairs, and/or divisional computing directors, and/or support the innovative nature of the proposal.

All of this information will be collected on the online application form that will need to be filled out by the PI. Once the form has been filled out, the PI will have an opportunity to review the completed ATI application before submitting it for consideration. After the proposal is submitted, the PI will receive a copy of it via email.

Letters of endorsement should be emailed directly to Chad Kainz, Senior Director for NSIT Academic Technologies, at Please ensure that the emailed letter(s) include both the proposal title and PI name. In the event an anticipated letter of endorsement is not received by the deadline, the PI will be notified via email within two (2) working days to allow for the missing letter to be added to the application before the proposal is reviewed.

Because of current budget constraints, the Provost's Program for Academic Technology Innovation has been suspended for the 2009-2010 academic year. As a result, we will not be seeking ATI grant applications in 2009.

If you have any questions about the program or if you encounter problems obtaining the application materials, contact Chad J. Kainz, Senior Director of NSIT Academic Technologies, at 702-9945 or