Award History

DIK, Helma In Search of Greek Morphology
KEYSAR, Boaz Multipurpose Web-Based Negotiation System for Teaching and Research
MEYER, Stephan Enhancing Undergraduate Labs via Web-based Explorations of the Universe
RIGGLE, Jason Tools for Collaborative Distributed Linguistic Research
VIGNESWARAN, Wickii Collaboratory for Surgical and Perioperative Innovation
DECETY, Jean Eye-Tracking & Pupillometry: A New Methodology and Its Applications in Social Sciences, Humanities & Cognitive Neuroscience
LEVOW, Gina-Anne Multi-modal Discourse Investigation with SIDGrid
MORRISSEY, Robert From Words to Works: A Proposal From the ARTFL Project
WU, Hung Xiangtangshan Cave Temple Digital Reconstruction
CLANCY, Steven Collaborative & Communicative Technologies for American Sign Language
KOIDE, Shohei Portable Stereographic Projection System for Molecular Genetics
METS, Laurens Web-based Studies in Genetics
STOLPER, Matthew Digitally Examining Tablets from the Persepolis Fortification Archive
VAN DEN HOUT, Theo The Electronic Hittite Dictionary
BRADLEY, David Distribution of Example Data Sets for Statistics and Other Courses
STEIN, Gil Oriental Institute Georectification Project
STEWART, Jaqueline South Site Home Movie Project
ZORACH, Rebecca Digital Collection of Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae
YU, Alan Phonetics Laboratory in the 21st Century
GAL, Susan
Analysis of Natural Conversation
Creating a Searchable Database of Medieval Slavic Documents
MacAYEAL, Doug Understanding Human Migration Using Genetic Markers
Media HyperAtlas
COHN, Richard Geometries of Music
DUNCAN, Starkey Course on the Analysis of Face-to-Face Interaction Process
GROGAN, Colleen
Handheld Computers for Collecting Data on Caregivers
PRICE, Trevor
Innovate, Interpret & Inspire
LASTRA, James Documentary Media Production & Pedagogy
LORY, Harumi Kanji Alive, Phase II
MITCHELL, Margaret Goodspeed New Testament Manuscript Project
NAKAMURA, Noboru Digital Imaging System for Analog Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Iraq's Lost Heritage
WU, Hung Scrolling Paintings Project
CACIOPPO, John Feeling the Science: A Web-Based Laboratory for Introductory Psychology
JOHNS, Adrian Microcosmos
KOZMIN, Sergey Computational Program in Undergraduate Organic Chemistry
LORY, Harumi A Searchable Web-Based Teaching Tool for Japanese Kanji
PADGETT, John Computational Modeling of Social Complexity
PFISTER, Catherine Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technology for the Cmte. on Evolutionary Biology
SILVERSTEIN, Jonathan Tele-Immersion: Optimal Virtual Reality Infrastructure for Instruction & Self Study
SMITH, Adam From Field to Classroom: New Technologies and Anthropological Instruction
STEWART, Jacqueline Annotated Black Cinema Database
NESTOROV, Svetlozar An Online Auction Environment for Instructional Experiments, Simulations & Data Mining
STOKES, Martin Mobile Digital Recording and Editing Technology for Training in Ethnomusicology
BOYER, John Shoreland Language Learning Center
BUSS, Emily Multimedia Courtroom in the Law School
LETINSKY, Laura Digital Video Production Facilities
LETINSKY, Laura Digital Photographic Imaging Facilities
ALITTO, Guy Retrieving the Chinese Past through Film
WITTON, Thomas Java Helpers for Instruction in Scientific Simulation
LIEBOVITZ, David Handheld Computers for Distributed Learning
BERTENTHAL, Bennett A Video Data Repository
COHN, Richard Development of a Real-Time, Interactive Computer Music Performance System
COVAULT, Corbin A Wireless Classroom Communication System for Physics and Physical Sciences
DESAN, Philippe Montaigne's Essais Online
LI, Wen-Hsiung Renovation of Computational Facilities for Teaching Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Genomics & Computational Biology
KEYSAR, Boaz Proposed Computerized Communication Lab: Using Technology for Research & Teaching
NUSBAUM, Howard Real Time Experiment Control & Data Collection for Psychological Research
PADGETT, John Generating Social Network Dynamics; A Classroom Tool
UTSET, Manuel Establishment of a Neuropathology Web-Based Teaching Resource
WILKINSON, Tony Spatial Analysis in the Ancient Near East
FARB, Benson Graphics and Symmetry
GIBSON, McGuire Diyala Archaeological Artifact Project
HARPER, Donald Early China Website and Database for Early Chinese Paleography
HSIUNG, Robert Grand Rounds: The Next Generation
MUELLER, Janel Pilot Project for Digital Multimedia Communications Among Humanities Faculty
SADOCK, Jerrold A Low-Cost Cluster for High-Performance Linguistic Computing
JOSEPHS, Robert Academic Technology Innovation Grant Application
ZIEGLER, Alfred A Web-Based Approach to Earch Science Teaching
APTER, Andrew Developing an Anthropology Instructional Archive -- Phase II
KARCZMAR, Gregory A Portable, Robust, MRI for Field and Classroom Use
MacMAHON, Hebert A Computer-Based Learning & Self-Evaluation System for Medical Students & Residents in Radiology
WITTEN, Thomas Proposal for Beowulf Parallel Computational Cluster
GIBSON, McGuire Diyala Archaeological Artifact Project
DUPONT, Todd A Parallel Computing Laboratory and Classroom
ROBERTSON, Anne Implementing a Six Channel Spatial Processing System for Compositional Research & Development
INDEN, Ronald Films from South Asia on VideoCD
ALTMANN, Jeanne Molecular Data Analysis in Systematics & Evolutionary Biology
JOSEPHS, Robert Image Processing in Biology Software Update
CHEN, George Web-Based Seminar Series and Technology Study
APTER, Andrew Developing an Anthropology Instructional Archive
KARR, Timothy Application and Development of a Biological Database for the CAVE
BOHLMAN, Philip University of Chicago Ethnomusicology Laboratory
MARSH, Jeanne Videoconferencing at the School of Social Service Administration
GOLDSMITH, John Development of a C++ Course for Computational Linguistics
BUTLER-LUDWIG, John Slide Library Technology Expansion
OXTOBY, David Proposal for Projection-Equipped Classrooms & Instructional Laboratory for Computer Science Courses
OXTOBY, David Enhancing Classroom Teaching Facilities
SUTHERLAND, Todd Enhancing Instruction at the SSA with Portable LCD Data Projection
BRANTING, Scott The Application of Interferometry to GIS in the University
WOODWARD, Amanda Equiping an Audio/Video Teaching Lab for Department of Psychology
LANDAHL, Karen New Audio Resources for the Language Laboratories and Archives
MILLER, Greg Renovating Computer Classroom
ELLING, Ron Interactive Computer-Based Instructional Support Facility
ELLING, Ron Proposal for Data Archive Desktop Data Distribution Systems
ELLING, Ron Network-Accessible Secure Data Site
COVAULT, Corbin A Lecture Hall Audience Participation System for the Common Core Physical Sciences
BERGELSON, Joy High-Speed Distributed Computers for Investigating Theoretical Processes in Population Biology & Genetics
BOYER, John Grant Proposal to Create an Electronic Archive of Class Materials for College Courses
STEIN, Nancy Development of Computer Program to Categorize Goal & Emotion Related Content of Emotional Narratives
MORRISSEY, Robert Storage, Manipulation, WWW Distribution, and Archiving of Images for the Encyclopedia
O'DONNELL, Michael An Interactive Audio/Video Server for Students & Faculty
ROBERTSON, Anne Proposal for the Department of Music Computer Music Studio
HANSEN, Miriam Film Studies Center
YATES, George Acquiring Virtual Network Architecture
PRUETT-JONES, Stephen Visual Imaging & Audio Analysis in Research and Teaching
KEYSAR, Boaz Using Innovative Technology in Psychological Research
BLUCHER, E.C. Development of a Central Server and Fast FDDI Communications Ring for High Energy Physics
LANDAHL, Karen Proposal for Unix Computing in the Humanities
PIERREHUMBERT, Raymond A Flexible Geophysical Sciences Optically-Based Data Server for Instructional & Research Purposes
HANSEN, Miriam Film Center-Proposal for Provost's Program for Academic Technology Innovation
YATES, George Implementing ATM
SALLER, Richard Distributed Routing
KASTER, Robert Proposal for Presentation Classrooms in the Humanities
PRUETT-JONES, Stephen Visual Imaging and Audio Analysis in Research and Teaching
SITA, Lawrence Establishment of a Central Spectroscopic and Computational Workstation for the Department of Chemistry
KIRSHNER, Julius Center for Comparative Legal History
AKASHI, Hiroshi Graduate Students & Faculty of The Committee on Evolutionary Biology & Dept. of Ecology & Evolution
LYNN, David Computational Chemistry and Computer Graphics in Chemistry Instruction
STOLPER, Matthew Editing, Tagging & Analysing an Electronic Text Corpus: The Royal Achaemenid Inscriptions Project
BECK, Robert WWW Instructional Resource on Brain Imaging
HAMMOND, Kris A Proposal for a Computerized Classroom