Project Examples

Kanji Alive
Harumi Lory
Digital Video Studio
Laura Letinsky
This proposal sought to create a digital video production studio for Committee on the Visual Arts (COVA) undergraduate and graduate students as part of an overall programmatic direction of Midway Studios.
Retrieving the Chinese Past through Film
Guy Alitto
ATI funds were used to explore the use of digital video clips from Chinese historical films to enliven and enrich the teaching of the East Asian Civilizations course. The clips would convey and illustrate cultural values and practices, and provide stimulating exercises in historical thinking.
Java Helpers for Instruction in Scientific Simulation
Tom Witton
This ATI proposal intended to update simulation software used by undergraduate students participating in the Chaos, Complexity, and Computers course offered by the Department of Physics.
Handheld Computers for Distributed Learning
David Liebovitz, Paul Barach, Adam Cify
This proposal sought to integrate handheld (PalmOS) computers into the third-year medical school curriculum. The goal was to determine if such technology improved communication between the students and clerkship directors by supplying updated course content, resources, quizzes, and evaluation tools to the students through the use of the devices. In addition to the PIs, the project ultimately involved the Office of Medical Education, Biological Sciences Division Information Systems group, the John Crerar Library, and various units within NSIT as part of the implementation team.

This was the first special grant awarded to a PI in the history of the ATI grant program.

Portable, Robust MRI for Field and Classroom Use
Gregory Karczmar, Joseph Smith
This proposal intended to build a working, portable, low-resolution MRI that could be integrated into classroom teaching.
Developing an Anthropology Instructional Archive
Andrew Apter
A second phase of a 1998 ATI grant, this facet of the project intended to add three additional topical areas to the existing online archive.
Web-based Approach to Earth Science Teaching
Alfred Ziegler, David Rowley
In this proposal, ATI funds were used to make a broad range of GIS-based interactive paleogeographic maps available online for teaching purposes.
ATI Grant Application (Image Processing in Biology)
Robert Josephs
This follow-up funding request proposed to develop datasets that would be used in conjuction with an instructional image processing system ported to Unix in the previous year. The software port from VMS to Unix was funded in the 1998 ATI grant program.